Don't Ask, Don't Tell

People in every church, every college, and every family have individuals who are struggling with sexual brokenness issues. Too often the Christian community hasn't known how to deal with the issue so we choose to avoid the subject. "My observation is that most Christians have good hearts and want to encourage people toward faith and obedience, but on this complex subject, they are like deer caught in the headlights," says Kent Paris. "They are hard-pressed to know what to believe in the face of misunderstanding, misinformation, and the aggressive nature of the gay agenda impacting our culture and youth.  Christians want to know how to respond in a redemptive manner that is faithful to the Scriptures, and showcases the love and grace of God to all who repent and yield their hearts in faith and obedience to Christ.

Personal Journey

Kent knows all too well the pull and ultimately the pain of same-gender confusion.  "I didn't ask to experience homosexual attractions.  They were just there.  They were present in my life as a result of many identifiable factors that converged to cause same gender confusion.  I had legitimate needs as a boy for same-gender love, affirmation,  and affection -- connections that should have happened but didn't.  There were complex developmental factors and family relational dynamics that were major factors in my gender confusion growing up.."  As a victim of childhood and adolescent sexual abuse, Kent's same sex attractions and gender confusion deepened in his teen years.  He had concluded he was gay.  But in 1971, he had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. He made a series of difficult but ultimate life-altering decisions that started him on the path towards becoming the man he is today.  In 1975, he married Sherri.  They have two adult sons.  Through years of study and healing, Kent now offers a unique perspective of hope from a person who has been there.


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